SALE! SALE! SALE!  Everything MUST go!!!

So, lovely news, I've got three stories coming out soon-ish:

"Citizen Flame" - A man lost in the Nevada desert tells his busted GPS to "Go to Hell", so it does.  Appearing in CEMETERY DANCE, issue tbd.

"The Drawstring Detective" - A woman buys a talking tin toy at a magical pawn shop to help her find her missing wedding ring. Together, they find both friendship and a bitter truth.  Appearing in LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE, date tbd.

"Son of Abyss" - A second-world coming-of-age dark fantasy about a high school kid navigating puberty and the perils of blood sacrifice.  Appearing in MONSTROUS AFFECTIONS, a collection of original YA stories edited by Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, published Sept. 9 by Candlewick Press.


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