Monstrous Affections Cover Reveal and Table of Contents

So, the super-cool YA anthology that I'm in, that will be hitting September 9th like a kidney punch, now has a super-cool cover.  Also, see the ridiculous table of contents that I'm kinda (definitely, in all ways) blown away that I get to a part of is listed below...

Cover By: Yuko Shimizu

Table of Contents:

Paolo Bacigalupi—Moriabe’s Children
Cassandra Clare—Old Souls
Holly Black—Ten Rules for Being an Intergalactic Smuggler (The Successful Kind)
M. T. Anderson—Quick Hill
Nathan Ballingrud—The Diabolist
Patrick Ness—This Whole Demoning Thing
Sarah Rees Brennan—Wings in the Morning
Nalo Hopkinson—Left Foot, Right
G. Carl Purcell—The Mercurials
Dylan Horrocks—Kitty Capulet and the Invention of Underwater Photography
Nik Houser—Son of Abyss
Kathleen Jennings—A Small Wild Magic
Kelly Link—The New Boyfriend
Joshua Lewis—The Woods Hide in Plain Sight
Alice Sola Kim—Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying


SALE! SALE! SALE!  Everything MUST go!!!

So, lovely news, I've got three stories coming out soon-ish:

"Citizen Flame" - A man lost in the Nevada desert tells his busted GPS to "Go to Hell", so it does.  Appearing in CEMETERY DANCE, issue tbd.

"The Drawstring Detective" - A woman buys a talking tin toy at a magical pawn shop to help her find her missing wedding ring. Together, they find both friendship and a bitter truth.  Appearing in LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE, date tbd.

"Son of Abyss" - A second-world coming-of-age dark fantasy about a high school kid navigating puberty and the perils of blood sacrifice.  Appearing in MONSTROUS AFFECTIONS, a collection of original YA stories edited by Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, published Sept. 9 by Candlewick Press.


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